We provide solutions for both slide printing and cassette printing. The Primera, Signature solutions create efficiencies that minimise risk and maximise efficiency in the lab. They are space-efficient and their high-resolution, printing capabilities cost less than all other slide and cassette printers currently available in Australia and New Zealand.



Primera Systems use the same resin print ribbon with a unique, low friction backing that increases print head longevity. 



Printers can be set up as stand-alone using PT Lab Software, PC, scanner, keyboard and mouse or connected via a printer driver to a third party solution. It can also be connected to your laboratory information system using many different methods. 


InstrumeC can assist with integration and the purchase of premium consumables.

slide printing

The Signature Slide Printer (SSP) is compact, ideal for on-demand printing at the microtome with clear scannable 2D barcodes.



  • Save money by not buying and wasting time applying labels.

  • Reduce errors by printing directly on the slide.


This printer is the World's best seller and is also No. 1 in Australia and New Zealand.


InstrumeC are proud to have sold and installed this printer to most public hospitals, private diagnostic laboratories, universities and research laboratories throughout Oceania. Some of the printers we installed five years ago have printed nearly one million slides, which equates to over 5,000 kg on one printer. Proof of a truly robust printer.



The Signature Output Module which complements the slide printer, was designed and manufactured by InstrumeC and allows up to 100 slides to be printed at one time.


cassette printing


The Signature Cassette Printer (SCP-M) is compact, fast and quiet.

It's ideal for on-demand cassette printing at the grossing station.

Just like the slide printer, it's a No. 1 best seller in Australia and New Zealand.

This printer is ideal for grossing stations in the largest laboratories and it's affordable for University research laboratories too. It prints clear scannable 2D barcodes, with semi-automatic printing mode making printing fast and easy. 

The SCP-M is a very reliable cassette printer with an excellent record of long mean time between failures, even in the most demanding messy situations.


The Signature Cassette Printer (SCP-M) and Signature Cassette Printer Robot (SCP-R) make batch printing of large volumes for one specimen quick and easy.

Extension trays allow continuous printing with cassettes presented in order.

The printer has a minimal width to reduce the bench space it occupies.

Each hopper holds 40 cassettes and each SCP-R has four hoppers.

With four SCP-R connected to one PC, it is possible to print 640 cassettes at once and it is also possible to have 16 different colours and types of cassettes... the options are endless!

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