We have a full range of consumables for all your anatomical pathology needs including cassettes, slides, coverslips, tissue dyes, microtomy and cut-up blades.

Please call us or email if you have requirements for ANY product related to anatomical pathology as we can source and procure these products for you.

We offer a range of cassettes that are optimised to work with the Primera Signature Cassette Printer. These cassettes offer a modern one-piece design with lids that close tightly and securely to protect tissue specimens during tissue processing.

Available in a full range of colours.

Cassette base molds and storage drawers for cassettes are also available.

cassettes for thermal printing

microscope slides for thermal printing

Our range of microscope slides for thermal printing are suitable for all thermal slide printers. We offer a range of standard routine slide, as well as positively charged adhesive coatings which are ideal for automated IHC and special staining platforms. 

Available in a full range of colours.

microscope slide coverslips for automation

We offer a full range of 24mm x 50mm , 24mm x 55mm and 24mm x 60mm coverslips.

custom made microscope slides & coverslips

tissue dyes for specimen orientation marking

Available in a full range of colours and various packing sizes to suit a variety of applications.

Ask about new colours, teal, magenta and GOLD.

microtomy and cut-up blades

A superb range of the finest Japanese plasma blades offering longevity and economy.

Email us for more information or for help in sourcing the products you need

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