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Finally an affordable and reliable Macro Imaging System is here!
Specifically designed for use within the Anatomical Pathology department or Mortuary
The Macro-imager can be easily adapted to your current lab layout and also be further customised to meet your lab requirements.
Macro-imager camera.jpg

Comprised of a high quality, Sony full HD camera with 30x optical zoom running at a smooth 25 frames per second

In one click you can capture high quality images, saved as your own customised file names. These files take up very little memory for easy file transfer.

Yellow Daffodil Close Up

Software can be installed on any Windows computer with Full HD graphics. There is no requirement for massive hard drive storage as the files created are compact!

Software can be installed on your own laboratory networked PC's for added data security and file sharing.

Modular designed software- pay only for the functionality you require and save!

(basic, annotation, calibration packages available ).

FREE Unlimited software licensing to auxiliary computers

View, edit and update from different computers on the same network

Basic and annotation module:
Calibration module:
The possibilities are endless

Flexible mounting options- VESA mount 

Video recording functionality 

Cross-polarised LED illumination or LED ring light


Foot pedal control

Barcode scanning capability 

Please call us or email to arrange a demo

Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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Head Office Melbourne

Tel: +61 3 9013 0051

Fax: + 61 3 9013 0775

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Tel: 00 61 3 9013 0051

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